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When it was launched 33 years ago, Red Wing Service & Supply, Inc. was operated from a spare bedroom in the home of its founders, Tim and Judy Zaunbrecher. Today, the company is a world leader in its segment of the oil service industry. The remarkable growth validates once again the time-honored formula for entrepreneurial success: find a need and fill it.

While working for others in the energy industry, Tim Zaunbrecher identified a need crying to be filled: the limited availability of specialty pipe for the well screen industry and fishing tool business. Red Wing Service & Supply, Inc. was organized and incorporated to meet that need.

From the bedroom office and a pipe yard set up on an unused piece of land at friend's farm Red Wing began supplying pipe meeting industry requirements for special Outside Diameter (O.D.) and Inside Diameter (I.D.) tubular in the non-standard sizes and lengths needed by fishing tool and well screen companies. Along with a vitally needed product, the Zaunbrechers have provided unsurpassed quality and an unyielding dedication to service.

Red Wing's growth in this small but vital niche was rapid. Expanding to serve the well screen business was a logical next step. Introducing Red Wing Perforated Service. LLC. A need for specialty pipe was also identified in the water drilling industry, and filling it became another part of the Red Wing mission. Within a few years, Red Wing Service and Supply, Inc. had grown from a bedroom operation to an established global presence. The name is well known throughout the world by businesses needing the specialized tools and pipes required for secondary recovery, horizontal drilling, casing liners, and flush joint connections. The trend toward deeper offshore drilling and greater employment of horizontal drilling has accelerated the steady growth of the company.

Red Wing's offices and operations are in Crowley, LA with representation in Houston and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. At its two pipe yards, it has the world's largest inventory of API and Non-API washpipe, tubing, and casing, plus the required accessory equipment for the well screen and fishing tool industries. All material is new and has mill certification for tractability. Red Wing conforms to ISO 9002, a strategic certification for companies that work in a global market, and meets DIN and DNV specification.

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  • US Department of Commerce
  • Louisiana District Export Council
  • Inner America Chamber of Commerce
  • German American Chamber of Commerce
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